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Hi !!!!!
I am an East Coast Jersey gal but love living here in LA. I grew up in Atco, a tiny tiny town in southern NJ. Seriously, not near any “Turnpike exits”, just lots of cows, cornfields and fresh jersey tomatoes!

I was a competitive gymnast all through grade school, loved to ride dirt bikes and spent my summers at the Jersey Shore. I am a late bloomer when it comes to dancing. Like most kids, I had no ideas what I wanted to do after high school. I don’t remember an exact moment of “wow, I want to be a performer” but I always loved it, as a gymnast I thrived on the competitions and loved that I was part of a team. And then one day I woke up and said, “I want to be a dancer”! I am sooooo not kidding….Growing up in a small town I didn’t have much access or knowledge of the arts, I just new I wanted to learn more. I didn’t care that I might be “too old to start” I just knew I had to do it! I started training at the Southern New Jersey Ballet School. My gymnastics skills and discipline played in my favor, after two years of intense training and performing locally I wanted to broaden my dance skills and well as my education. I got accepted into the University of the Arts School of Dance in Philadelphia, what an eye opening experience. I went in as a “ballerina” and graduated as “modern” dancer. I didn’t even know what modern dance was???? Along with learning other dance styles I also had the opportunity to choreograph and create works for performances throughout each year. While attending U Arts I had the unique experience of auditioning and being accepted as an NFL cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles. Talk about performing for a huge crowd, 65,000 people….WOW!
Not only was that an amazing time but reaching out to the community through fundraisers, charity events and an appearance was the ultimate reward!

After graduation I headed to LA and haven’t looked back! Along with dance I have studied acting at some of the finest schools, have dabbled in modeling and most recently producing and directing. This industry allows you to open your mind and soul to many opportunities, you just have to jump in and see what’s right for you! Performing has led me to work in over 20 countries, from the “white nights” of Russia to the breath taking Thai islands. I have had the joy of working with various talents such as the Dixie Chicks, Jennifer Lopez, Out Cast, Meat Loaf, Mike Myers to name a few.

I have taught at local dance schools and master classes overseas. Most recently I produced and acted in the feature film, Knuckle Draggers, check out the trailer:

I love sharing my joy of the arts and experiences and I look forward to all opportunities that lie ahead



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