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How One Dancer Turned Personal Hardships Into Professional Success

With determination, Carlton Wilborn has paved his rocky road smooth. From his long career, Carlton occupies the first twelve and half pages of a Googl...


Cheryl Baxter On a 30-Year Career and Working with Kenny Ortega

Choreographer Cheryl Baxter has been working in the industry for over thirty years, in everything from movies to television to the stage. She chatted...


Managing Money On A Dancer's Salary: Financial Advice

On a quiet October morning, in the cold metal chairs of a nearby Starbucks, I met with Chris Whitaker, a certified financial planner and accredited in...


You Too Can Watch Dance Online - A Unique Selection To Crave

Last month, a new streaming service called Marquee.TV launched in the UK and US. The on-demand platform has partnered with a number of international c...