Groundbreakers is looking for professional dancers/performers (male/female) graduated from professional dance or sports theater/mime/drama college.

We encourage candidates with different cultural backgrounds and genders to apply for auditions.

Production Info

Groundbreakers is a North Holland dance company. The focus is on young people and young adults throughout The Netherlands and beyond.

Bloedheet’s new work will take 10-15 working/rehearsal days and premiere.

BLOEDHEET is an experimental youth dance performance that will touch on the hard problems and frustrations that young people experience. The emotions are intertwined with different dance styles. A dance performance that in all respects takes its audience into a dynamic visual world of completely different emotions. Loverboys, drugs, violence, threats and knife-stabbing parties are discussed. As an audience you are not completely safe, because the dance performance challenges its audience to participate in the performance. Despite the relatively heavily loaded subjects, the performance will also bring about many craziness and comical moments in the theatrical sense, as a result of which there are also moments of release.


  • It requires a solid foundation in sports work and experience in improvisation, break dancing and street dance skills, as well as mature stage performance and language dialogue skills.
  • Other important qualities are flexibility, openness and teamwork.
  • You need to have the desire and curiosity to create and perform for young audiences.
  • You will actively participate in the creative process of the dance.
  • Must be able to speak Dutch for this production.