Jill Crovisier / JC movement production is looking for 6 dancers (female&male identifying) to join the creation The Game – Grand Finale.

Production Info

Availability for the creation and performances is required in Luxembourg on:
28.09.2024 – 07.11.2024
27.01.2025 – 15.02.2025
15.06.2025 – 29.06.2025

Optional (not required):
06.05.2024 – 17.05.2024 in Milan, Italy
15.07.2024 – 29.07.2024 in Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal

Attention: we do not provide work contracts (by law) but work agreements for freelancers / independent workers who are covered with a health insurance and registered as such. Proofs will be required to those invited to the audition. Please be informed about the tax and work regulations in the country you are registered in as well in Luxembourg. Our freelance work agreement contract does not count in the french intermittence du spectacle for example.


  • At least 5 years of professional experience (diverse backgrounds welcomed)
  • A strong personal movement quality as well as a physical theatre background / interest.
  • Any other particular skills welcomed to share (circus, singing, sports..).
  • The choreographer encourages dancers / performers over 35 to apply
  • A high value on work ethic, respect and professionalism as well a sincere interest into the choreographer’s artistic approach with the intention to be involved as a freelancer on long term.