Junior Ballet Project is looking for young dancers for its 2024-25 season. 

Production Info

Opinion Public Dance Company, anchored in the Belgian artistic landscape for over 13 years, has created its youth ballet, the “Junior Ballet Project” (JBP) dedicated to dancers (M/F) aged 18 to 23.

Starting from September 2024, the JBP established in Brussels aims to develop the versatility and unique artistic identity of dancers, preparing them optimally for the professional demands of dance. 
Drawing on the hybrid style of the Opinion Public company, the JBP proposes a two-year exploration of classical and contemporary dance techniques, including in-depth analysis of partnering, floorwork, acrobatics, and improvisation. These various disciplines will be put into practice through experiences in creation and on stage, with at least one piece created each year for the JBP, followed by a series of performances.

​Further artistic and technical horizons will also be explored, with the involvement of renowned professionals throughout the season such as Chloé Albaret, Aurélien Oudot, Valentin Levalin, and others.


no pay


  • High level in classical and contemporary dance
  • Aged between 18 and 23 years


Classical, Contemporary