“Listen to the Forest” is currently looking for a BSL dance performer, that is, someone who could work as a versatile dance performer, capable of integrating sign language and/ or singing in their role.

Production Info

“Listen to the Forest” is an experimental dance theatre performance blending movement together with spoken word, music and sign language. This is a work which attempts to embody the collective point of view of forests around the world, suffering from human exploitation and needing a “space to breathe”.
Dance, spoken word, music and BSL echo what the Forest is trying to say and suggest that breathing is the gateway to access the voice of the Forest within ourselves.

The Forest Team has currently finished a second stage of development for this piece which led to some successful previews in Edinburgh. “Listen to the Forest” is at this stage a fully BSL integrated performance, looking to deepen the relation between dance, music, BSL and set in further stages of development.

We are a team of five women artists coming from different backgrounds and practices, passionate about making experimental work which encompasses different art-forms.
We are currently looking for a sign language dance performer who could replace our previous BSL dance performer. We are looking for someone who could work as a versatile dance performer, capable of integrating sign language (preferably BSL and/ or International) and/ or singing in their role. The Forest performer (as we like to call them) will be working with us over summer 2024 and beyond. This is a long-term project where we are aiming to run shows as well as workshops across Scotland and Europe.

We are welcoming applications from both d/Deaf performers and sign language interpreters or users looking to dive into a fully sign language integrated performance.


Freelance position. Weekly salary: £650 (5 days per week, 8 hour per day during rehearsal period).


We are looking for a very specific profile so please apply if you have at least two of the essential requirements we are aiming for.


  • Confident dancer/ mover, strong improvisation skills and open to feedback.
  • Fluent BSL user with experience in translating spoken word in sign language.
  • Skilled singer.


  • Reliable, passionate about the message of the work.
  • Flexible and committed to work on a project which is gradually growing.
  • Available over summer 2024.
  • Experience in Contact Improvisation.
  • Interest and experience in working outdoors and in contact with Nature.
  • Fluent not only in BSL/ international but also another sign language.