A Connecticut Theatrical group, based in Fairfield County, will present 4 performances of "Magic - The Dance Musical" at the Downtown Cabaret Theater in Bridgeport, CT on Dec 9-12. Looking for non-union, “triple threat” singer/actors with ballroom dancing experience who live within a convenient traveling-distance from Bridgeport, CT.

Production Info

The Christmas-themed story is about 2 lonely people (Pam & Bob) who fall in love one December weekend when an intriguing ballroom dance instructor (Bailey) offers them free lessons.

Rehearsals: Blocking will be on Nov 22, 23 followed by 2 weeks of rehearsal/tech week on Nov 29, 30; Dec 1,2,3,4 6,7, 8. All activities will be held at Bridgeport’s Downtown Cabaret Theater.


Rehearsals: up to $75/day x 2 = $150
Tech/Shows: up to $275/week x 2 = $550

Actors are reimbursed for traveling expenses. Housing cannot be provided.


Actors must be Covid vaccinated.




  • Pam Chapman (25-40, female dance student stuck in a soulless marriage): lead and understudy roles available: mezzosoprano w/ vocal range G3 to Eb5, singing & ballroom dancing intensive role.
  • Bob (25-40, male dance student recently jilted by fiancée): understudy role: baritone vocal range A2 to Eb4, singing & ballroom dancing intensive.
  • Bailey (25-70, male dance instructor): understudy role; baritone vocal range A2 to E4, singing intensive role requiring some very basic ballroom dance steps.
  • Bryce Chapman /Santa/Second Dance Instructor a) Bryce Chapman/Dance Instructor:(30’s; Pam’s abusive husband)brief speaking parts only; no dancing. b) Santa: brief singing part only (B2 to C#4 range: duet w/ Bailey); no dancing.