Mystic Ballet is seeking talented dancers who are at the start of their careers to join the company under MB2 Paid APPRENTICESHIP – position.

Production Info

Mystic Ballet, MB Creative was founded in 1997, and is internationally renowned for its TIC technique, and idiosyncratic style. MB Creative is a contemporary dance company based in Mystic, CT USA. The company is comprised of highly skilled dance artists, with proficient experience in improvisation and dramaturgy, and are hand-picked from around the world.

Candidates, who have completed formal training should have a clear goal and open mind for moving forward from a student mentality. They must possess an inspiring thirst for refined artistry, with a strong will to grow, develop and become a unique entity which will contribute to the company’s creative processes.

Accepted dancers will be immersed in the company’s TIC Technique and will perform diverse and dynamic repertoire throughout the season, reinforcing their training and facilitating their development and artistry.

Mystic Ballet selects its company members exclusively from MB2.


Contracts 2022/23 season, September – May, with 30+ performances with touring opportunities on a rolling basis.


Minimum 18 years old.
Classical background and a strong contemporary technique


Contemporary, Classical