After a year hiatus for Derryl and Cheryl Yeager to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints – Odyssey Dance Theatre (Salt Lake City, UT) will be returning and casting its 2024-25 season.

Odyssey is looking for strong Jazz/Ballet dancers who can also do Hip-Hop and Tap – male and female, ages 18-29.

Production Info

Founded and directed by Broadway, Ballet West, Film and TV veteran Derryl Yeager, ODT is a professional Jazz/Ballet Company with performance opportunities including three home seasons in Salt Lake City with over 30 performances, plus a European Tour in the Spring. Thayne, Matt, Natalie, Brandon, Gev, Tadd, Marcquet, Tanisha and Hailee from the popular “So You Think You Can Dance” television show are from this Company.

Available contracts include: a one-show contract for the fall production of the Halloween spectacular Thriller (runs August 19th to Nov. 2nd), and/or the entire season (runs August 19th – April/May 2025).


Both contracts are paid positions with salary ranging from $400-$800/wk (depending on experience), including per diem, travel and lodging. ODT is Nonunion.


Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap