The company Ogmia directed by Eduardo Vallejo is looking for artists with different dance training (contemporary dance, modern dance, classical ballet) and who have focused their performing career on the more contemporary aspect of dance.

Production Info

Ogmia is the universe, the home and the dance company of the Spanish director and choreographer Eduardo Vallejo, based in Madrid. Eduardo’s artistic background is not limited to dance, his knowledge and interests range from visual arts, martial arts and theatre to photography, film, music and literature. Eduardo founded his own production company in 2018, which, among other things, serves as an infrastructure for his own projects. It was not until the end of 2019, with the premiere of No Time To Rage, nominated for the Max Awards in 4 categories, that he founded Ogmia. With it he creates the possibility to create without interruption.

Ogmia / Eduardo Vallejo is produced by Batbox Productions, financed by the European Union-Next Generation EU and has the support of the Comunidad de Madrid, INAEM and the special collaboration for this production of Teatro del Bosque, Teatro Jovellanos, A Escena Móstoles and Danza Xixón.

Eduardo has been a choreographer managing international projects, artist in residence, has presented works with Ogmia and as an independent creator and given professional workshops in several countries all over Europe, stopping at numerous prestigious Spanish and international festivals and platforms, among them: Tanzplattform Bern, Festival Internacional Madrid en Danza, Tanztheater International Hannover Festival, Festival La Noche del Patrimonio, Zawirovania Festiwal Tanca, Danza Xixón, Masdanza, Danza en la Villa, Abril en Danza, Gdanski Festiwal Tanca or in theatres such as, Orangerie Herrenhause, Teatr Tańca Zawirowania, Club Zack, Teatros del Canal, Teatro Jovellanos, Teatro Pérez Galdós, Centro Cultural de la Villa, Real Coliseo de Carlos III, Centro Párraga, Sala Cuarta Pared, among others.

Ogmia / Eduardo Vallejo is looking for dancers for its next production GLASS HOUSE with premiere on October 21st in Spain.

Marta Abad says “Eduardo Vallejo Pinto’s work takes on a formal and poetic force that translates into an unmistakable style. In each of his works there is an arcane pact in which necessity is transformed into survival and movement becomes subordinate to the needs of the soul. Eduardo leaves behind the dominant academicism in dance to portray a divergent society. His recurring themes are and will continue to be decisive in his career, such as political and social criticism, gender roles, interpersonal relationships and their consequences or concepts attached to specific periods of history¨.

Omar Khan says: A young and ambitious company directed in Madrid by the Asturian Eduardo Vallejo Pinto, Ogmia has also managed to delineate and define its own style, aesthetics and personal stage manner with just two shows, No Time To Rage and Holy Trinity. Now moving away from choral work and taking the stage himself (…), Vallejo has premiered Mother Tongue, an intimate and dark duet in which two beings seem to struggle to consume each other’s energy. Everything under the same aesthetic coordinates of his previous works, characterised by a minimalist valuation of space and light, and giving special relevance to the original music, always created by Iván Solano.

Watch Ogmia's latest works here and latest research here.

Project dates:
September 4 – October 6 / Crative residency in Madrid, Spain.
October 9 – October 19 / Set up in Madrid, Spain.
October 21 / Premiere, Teatro Jovellanos, Gijón, Spain.

+ Upcoming Future performances and projects.
***Availability also for november 2023 will be highly appreciated!


Regular contract and payment in compliance with spanish regulations.


  • People who are friendly and open-minded.
  • People interested in the artistic process.
  • High control of contemporary technique, improvisation and partnering.
  • Good team player.
  • Intuitive and strong performance presence.
  • Interpreters with a desire to build community.
  • Comfortable with partial nudity required.
  • Full availability in all listed working time.
  • Determination, passion, generosity.
  • Will to invest on the long run in a project.
  • 20 years-old, all genders, ethnic backgrounds & nationalities with valid EU Passport welcome to apply.
  • At least 3 years of demonstrable professional experience.