My name is Moriah, I am in search for 2 hip-hop dancers for my music video! (Beginner Friendly, especially if you are wanting to build your portfolio and need reference!)

Production Info

Professionally, I will be holding a Christian production that will be held in Los Angeles, California. So, you must live in LA unless you are willing to come down LA. The production date will be held on Saturday May 22, 2021. I already have the venue set, I will disclose that information to those that are chosen. We will meet a day prior in person to practice the dance together. If chosen, I will send you confirmation and times along with the dance. I want to know you guys! So we will hold a few zoom meetings to practice and get to know each other.

Dancers can be either male or female. The dance does have a small part on the floor, just a heads up! You guys will be such a great help, Snacks and drinks will be provided. Screen time will be about 2 minutes and the song is 4 minutes. Its super fun and relatively easy but i will be around help, As I am the only person you will be reporting to. The song is all about how God should shine as oppose to us!


Compensation will be distributed DIRECTLY after the shoot is over of $60.00


Hip Hop