For her next production, ‘Body that stands’ the Israeli Stuttgart based choreographer Smadar Goshen is looking for 3 professional dancers.

Production Info

The creation process will revolve around the notion of resistance in its’ many forms. The project is supported by the residency programme of the Réseau GRAND LUXE network and the special support of the Dance Department of Theater Freiburg.

Rehearsals period: June – September 2024 (10-12 weeks in total) (Dates tbc).
Scheduled performances: October 2024, Germany (Dates tbc).
Rehearsals will take place in Germany, as well as in residencies around Europe, in collaboration with the Grand Luxe residency network.
The exact rehearsals dates will be scheduled with and, as much as possible, in accordance to the availability of the selected cast.

The working language is English.
Daily warm-up Gaga Class led by Smadar Goshen.

We encourage applications from professional dancers of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, skin colours, geographical and cultural backgrounds.


Fair payment based on the recommendations of BFDK.
Travel and accommodation for the rehearsals and performances.


  • Professional dancers with a minimum of 5 years performing experience.
  • High performing skills.
  • Willingness for taking an integral part of a creation process.
  • Openness to share their curiosity, interests, and personal input with the team.
  • Interest in expanding physical expressive range as well as passion for detailed and specific work.
  • Legal permission to work in Germany on freelance base.


Modern, Contemporary