Ulduz Ahmadzadeh is looking for dancers to join the company for the upcoming dance production “vashtan”.

Production Info

The aim of the project is to explore the tention between “contemporary dance” and the so-called “other” traditional and folk dances of Southwest and Central Asia. The choreographic interest lies, among other things, in exploring and highlighting the dance affinities between the movement materials researched and in creating hybrid dance aesthetics along a conceptual dramaturgical line.

Project date range: June 1st, 2024 to March 29th, 2025
Premiere: March 28th, 2025 at TQW Halle G, Vienna, Austria.

We warmly invite all experienced strong professionals from all backgrounds to apply for our upcoming audition.


Fixed salary.


We are looking for responsible individuals who exude confidence, are mentally and physically mature, and are ready to embark on a challenging and physically demanding journey with a dedicated team. We invite you to take a look at our website and our past dance productions to see if you can see yourself in such a process.

  • Technical excellence: Master any dance style and grasp complex choreography with ease.
  • Rhythmic Skill: Comfortable with complex and odd rhythmic patterns.
  • Cultural Curiosity: Experience or keen interest in learning historical, folk dances and rituals,
  • particularly from the Southwest and Central Asia.
  • Openness to experimentation: Willingness to explore unknown and unusual movement
  • materials and aesthetics.• Willingness to tour: Willingness to join our touring group and adapt to the repertoire of
  • different productions.
  • Professional Experience: Three years of professional dance experience is preferred, but not
  • required.
  • Availability: Commitment to be present throughout the rehearsal period and tour dates