Live, Play and Perform in Amazing Asia.

This year, Universal Beijing Resort (UBR) and Universal Studios Japan (USJ) are combining their audition tour to fill roles within both parks.

The exciting, brand-new Universal Beijing Resort opened its gates in 2021, while Universal Studios Japan celebrates its 21st year in operation!

Both parks are seeking talented professionals with a vast range of performance skills to fill a variety of international positions including:

  • Male and Female Actors
  • Dancers
  • Singers
  • Stunt Performer

Production Info

Contracts are up to 13 months in length and begin in early 2022. Attractive performance compensation packages are available to performers we hire, as well as other great benefits including: 

  • Quarterly and Completion Bonuses
  • Paid round trip airfares
  • Fully furnished accommodation
  • A daily per diem (living allowance)
  • Transport to and from work
  • Gym access
  • Medical insurance


Performance fees vary based on the role offered and are paid in US Dollars, Japanese Yen or Chinese Renminbi depending on your location. In addition, there is a daily per diem to assist with food shopping. There are also quarterly and completion bonus incentives attached to performer contracts.

Other benefits include medical insurance, round trip airfare, fully furnished accommodation, and a gym membership. Additional benefits for USJ include train passes and a bicycle, UBR provides shuttle to/from work, all of which make for very attractive remuneration packages.

All details will be discussed in depth when a contract offer is made.