Looking for dancers (f/m/d) up to 28 years old to join our new production “Urban Creatures“ in cooperation with Theater Basel, in the frame of the project “Urban Myths” (collaboration with Staatsschauspiel Dresden, Theater Basel and SM Collaborations Gbr) and funded through the German Federal Art Foundation.

Production Info

The premiere will take place at Theater Basel, in September 2021.

The choreography explores personal experiences of digital natives with the destructive side of the digital world. The resulting anxieties and their physical imprint will be the base for the generation of dystopian and utopian rituals. The archetypal figures are developed and integrated into a performance space that is supported by a interactive sound installation with the audiences smartphones.

Rehearsal dates: 7.06.21-18.06.21 and 9.08.21-19.09.21


Rehearsals and performances are paid.


Strong contemporary dance technique and improvisation skills.