Artistic Director, Dancer, Teacher, Other Artists

Detroit, Metro, MI
United States


-2014-15 yr Studio Goals: To fuse fitness, Yoga and Dance together, Mind Body and Soul fitness.


Birth Name (Songwriter): Leslie Michelle Moore (As Registered in BMI)

(Ancestry Researched) Mixed Race: (Primary) African Cherokee American. European Asian Ancestry.

Artist Name: Yogi Goddess, YG, Common Nicknames: Michelle, Lezlie, (preferred) Lez, China

Primary Modern/Contemporary Style: Hip Hop of Contemporary dance, 10 yrs childhood in Detroit, Michigan, returned adulthood/Social

Secondary Modern/Contemporary Style: Bellydance of Contemporary dance, 5 yrs in Fitness, fused in Hip Hop.

Third, Learning Yoga Dance, Modern/Contemporary, 2 yr combo in Fitness

Favorite Dance Movies: Flashdance, Fame, Save the Last Dance, Step Up 2,

Favorite Dance Music: Dance Pop, R&B, Rap, Hip Hop, Dance Inspirations: **M.J./J.J., J.T., J.Lo, Beyonce, Ciara, Usher, Chris Brown, any Urban Street/Dance Teams, Asian Dance Teams**

Additional Information:

*Yoga Year Bio:

  • Styles 2001-2003=Power Yoga Styles
  • 2004-2006-Hatha Yoga Styles
  • 2007-2009-Power Yoga, Hatha, Meditation, Chakra, Ashtanga.
  • Styles 2010-2019-medical Yoga, Yoga therapy, and Vajrayana Yoga.

Model Stats: ॐReal Modelingॐ Fitness Size: Size 9 to 11, Medium-Lg;

  • Yoga/Pilates/Dance Active
  • I specialize in Body part poses naturally for projects and Silhouette Model Poses.
  • Model Representation: Independent/Not seeking representation. 

* Business Est. Since Aug. 2005/Ann Arbor MI USA.  
* Satellite Office Address: Coming Soon for Metro Detroit.
* VR Sims: Secondlife/Former Zen Resort. (New Updates pending, Ft Mom-Hood)
* Yoga Projects: All lesson plans are derived from VR SL, Experiences, and Directories. Products Designed for Everyone on both virtual and online/real life.
*Resumes: *linkedin: at in/drlmoore/
*Campus Bookstore, 2007-2019: listed at lulu spotlight/drrevmoore
* Online Students/Course Downloads, Est. 2009-2019: #800-1k (Free to Promo Discounts)
* Admissions: No student records needed. Website formatting do vary.


Stage Col 1 Stage Col 2 Stage Col 3
Musical Theater DanceStacey Smith, Teacher, Board VP
Musical TheaterApple Tree
Training Col 1 Training Col 2 Training Col 3
Bellydance for Fitness 2011-2012Bellydance Moves Fused Yoga(Adult) Contemporary/Hip Hop
(Adult) Contemporary Hip Hoppivot turns fused in Hip Hop.Visual Learning Sources
(Adult) Contemporary Hip HopSingle Pirouettes fused in Hip Hop.Visual Learning Sources
Contemporary BellydanceBasic and Hip HopVisual Learning Sources
Basic Bellydance 1 Class/Day community college
Hatha Yoga with Psych, 2 Yrs community college
Yoga Certification 2007 Rating, Online, NY
Yoga Dance IntegrationsOngoing StatusVisual Learning Tools and Sources
Pilates 2 Terms College, Liv
Fitness Terms and CPR College, Liv.
Yoga Dance FusionsOngoing 2018-presentHome, Remote Studio
Production/Direction Col 1 Production/Direction Col 2 Production/Direction Col 3
LDM Vodcast TVProduction, LDM Recording, LDM Digital StudiosMachinima 2010-Present, and Fitness Modeling 2013
Other Col 1 Other Col 2 Other Col 3
Boot camp Fitness methodsover 7 yrs,Lost 50 pounds,
Skills Col 1 Skills Col 2 Skills Col 3
Yogastyles Hatha, Ashtanga2002-2013 yrs (current)
PilatesStyles, Yoga, Basics2006-2013 yrs (current)
Fusion Dance fitness (model)Combines Yoga, Pilates, Bellydance2013 yr (current)
Full Resume variesSee linked profile(


Age Range
Over 35
Ethnic Appearance 1
Ethnic Appearance 2
American Indian
Hair Color
Hair Length
Eye Color
Sizing System
Misses, 10-11,
waist 30-34
Current 36D/38D Norm
33 Measures
8/8 1/2
Hat Size
24, 15 1/2, 14/15, (A/L)
Glove size