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When You Say My Name

This combination focuses on staying grounded and using your center of gravity to help you cover lots of space.


Sweet Disposition - AL

This is a piece based all around gestures, or pedestrian movements strung together to create a large amount of this combo. It calls for you to commit to every action both mentally and physically, s...


Heads Will Roll

It is time for JAZZ! In this combo we will utilize strong jazz lines, percussive movement, strength, plié, traveling, weight and direction change as well as your fierce persona. Rock it out!


Always Midnight

Incorporating a little taste of everything: some basic technique, some floor work, some lyric-inspired movement and a lot of STORY, or intention behind your movement. A combo for you to put your re...

Alex Little "Pirouette With Floor Work" - Lyrical Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Pirouette With Floor Work

While working on your pirouettes, I want to introduce a way to start combining floor rolls within a 2 count of eight combination that changes from right to left. This exercise utilizes your plié, p...


Gentle Savior

This combo is first and foremost asking you to "tell your story". Surrender yourself to the music & lyrics, and find your intentions behind the movement. This is a great exercise in matching ea...



A perfect opportunity to use every tool you got! It is a story of joy and hope "who makes you whole?" Dance about that! The piece is in 6 counts...