Learn to dance from our ballet tutorials, taught by the best dance teachers, including combinations, and exercises for any skill level.


Ballet Barre Int #1

A ballet barre for intermediate level.


Medium Jump

This is a medium jump for the intermediate student. This combination incorporates big sweeping movements that allow you to travel, fly and soar through the air, all the while staying on that 6/8 be...


All About Sus-Sous

This exercise is all about clean precise sus-sous.


Prelude in C

The music should be "felt" and the dancer should try to connect transitioning placement and position through the use of grace and calmness.


Opening, I Hope I Get It

This combination is a quick waltz that challenges you to travel and move with speed, but be ready to change your momentum with grace and control. It incorporates balance, articulation and speed!...


Transfer Weight

Use this exercise to confirm transitioning from placement of one shape to the next.


Piqué Arabesque

This progression uses the line of the leg extension, along with use of port de bras.


Rise Up

Fluid and defined, this piece should move as easily as the time signature.



Finding isolation of the pelvis and extended inner thigh will help articulate directions.