Learn to dance from our basic dance tutorials, taught by the best dance teachers, across a variety of styles, including combinations, exercises, and warm-ups.


Footwork and Chaînés

This across the floor footwork combination will help work on weight transfers while traveling. The addition of the chaîné turns adds a little more of a challenge.



Throw a little sassiness into this jazz routine. Find nice wide leg positions to keep the movements grounded. Don't forget to breathe and have fun.


Every Teardrop

This basic beginner jazz routine is sure to make you feel good. Find the joy in each movement. We are using changes in head positions to create dynamic looks. Find a wide stance and make your movem...


Ball Change

A ball change is a weight transfer 2-step movement, usually syncopated.


Positions & Directions

These are the French School basic positions and directions.



Traveling step series: glissades. Glissade means "glide". It is a traveling step executed from the 5th position by gliding one foot in a chosen direction and closing the other foot back into 5th....


Pas de Bourrée

Traveling step series: pas-de-bourrées and pas-de-bourrées retiré.


Petits Sauts

Petit Allegro series: This series include sauté, changement and échappé.
Small jumps are executed from a plié position, to an extension of the legs straight up in the air with pointed feet, l...


Pirouette En-Dehors

Turn series. A pirouette en-dehors is a complete turn on one foot on relevé towards the leg lifted up.



This basic is all about the shuffle. Every tapper needs a good shuffle up down their leg!! This takes the toe-taps to a forward and backward motion.


Heel Dig

This basic is about allowing the heel of the foot to drop to the floor.


Heel Drop

This basic is about your heel striking the floor. Easy knees and body weight enable you to create a good strong sound.