Learn to dance from our beginner dance tutorials, taught by the best dance teachers, across various styles, including combinations, exercises, and warm-ups.

Christina Woodard "Pop and Roll" - Jazz Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial


Pop and Rollnew

Blending technique and traveling, with jumps and floor work.  This exercise gives you the option to change up improv and show different intentions on the 4 extra counts.

Joseph Corella "I Love a Piano" - Musical Theatre Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial


I Love a Piano

This is a fun combination is from the Broadway musical "White Christmas!" This combination will challenge your body and mind by working in different planes of motions quickly.

Joelle Martinec "Lone Digger" - Jazz Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial


Lone Digger

This sassy stylized jazz routine is sure to get you moving and put a smile on your face. There are some challenges with the syncopation of the music in the middle, but plenty of time throughout the...

Dejan Tubic "Beach Time Dance Time" - Hip-Hop Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial


Beach Time Dance Time

This groove can be done in a million ways. The focus is on the legs being in a plié, then stepping out with each foot.

Richard Elszy "Pirouettes with Arm Variation" - Jazz Online Dance Class/Choreography


Pirouettes with Arm Variation

This is a useful jazz pirouette exercise with varied arm positions.

Glyn Gray "Toe-Heel Wiggle Extended" - Tap Online Dance Class/Choreography


Toe-Heel Wiggle Extended

This exercise is all about good balance of beats both in timing and volume.

Terri Best "When I Look At You" - Lyrical Online Dance Class/Choreography


When I Look At You

This dance incorporates traveling steps, floor work and expressive gestures along with basic technique including turns, fan kicks and jumps. It's an uplifting lyrical in 3/4 time that allows you to...

Shivani Thakkar "Tatted Tatted" - Bollywood Online Dance Class/Choreography


Tatted Tatted

A high energy combination that utilizes deep squats, strong core, and rapid weight shifts. Emphasis on strong lines and whole body engagement.

Richard Elszy "Believer" - Jazz Online Dance Class/Choreography



This is a challenging and strong contemporary jazz combo with an emphasis on accents and strong sharp movements!

Kelby Brown "Control and Stability" - Ballet Online Dance Class/Choreography


Control and Stability

This exercise is to simply stand up on center with a strong core.

Christina Woodard "Carry You Home" - Lyrical Online Dance Class/Choreography


Carry You Home

This combination calls for accents, fluidity and physicality. Using crisp, sharp movements in contrast to moments of more resistance and suspension - the combination works to bring all of this to m...

Leo Morimune "Gooey" - Contemporary Online Dance Class/Choreography



The combination can be executed in different ways. Wether it's in the pocket of the lyrics or the instrument, the challenge is to make the combination appear like one long move. This requires pacin...