Enjoy our selection of dance combinations, and learn choreography from the best dance teachers, across a variety of styles for any skill level.

Mariah Spears "Yeah Right" - Hip-Hop Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial


Yeah Right

This combination is a dynamic hip hop piece that challenges you to change your dynamics quickly creating a roller coaster of a piece. It incorporates groove, personality, and dynamic shifts!

Christina Woodard "Storms and Saints" - Lyrical Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial


Storms and Saints

This combo transitions between length, strength and spiraling within your movement (especially torso) where the choreo is as important as the emotional execution. Think of an obstacle you've had to...

Melissa Miles "Applause" - Jazz Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial



This is a hard hitting sassy jazz with a lot of character! The idea with this combo is to work on PERFORMANCE! Lots of energy and plenty of room to show your personality.

Nolan Padilla "I Know What You Did Last Summer" - Jazz Funk Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial


I Know What You Did Last Summer

Grooves and high energy combination with lots of different syncopations and rhythms. Movement that highlights the musicality, instrumentation, and lyrics of the song.

Alison Faulk "U" - Hip-Hop Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial



A chill funky routine.

Ray Basa "Get Get Down" - House Online Dance Class/Choreography


Get Get Down

This dance combines fast and intricate footwork to a more aggressive song. Even though its fast aggressive we still have to remember to groove and dance.

Leo Morimune "To The Wolves" - Contemporary Online Dance Class/Choreography


To The Wolves

This combination begins with the build for the dance section. Detailed arm movements and subtle execution is the key to not give away the music change which happens half way. Second half is focusin...

Dejan Tubic "Let Me Love You" - Hip-Hop Online Dance Class/Choreography


Let Me Love You - DT

This is great combination to apply your facials to tell a story. This choreography tells a store of love, and with that comes intricate choreography. Get ready to have some fun with this one.

Joelle Martinec "America" - Musical Theatre Online Dance Class/Choreography



We take a nod to classic Jerome Robbins choreography in this music theatre routine. We are working with fast, fun footwork. Ladies you can throw your hips into it, gentlemen keep it string and masc...

Shivani Thakkar "Chilman Uthegi Nahin" - Bollywood Online Dance Class/Choreography


Chilman Uthegi Nahin

A semi-classical Bollywood piece focused on detailed hands, floor work, and expression emotion using the head, face and eyes. This combination will challenge you to stay soft and graceful while exe...

Glyn Gray "Julep" - Tap Online Dance Class/Choreography



This combo is fun and packed with punches! You will be executing shiggy bop, zigzag toe heels, trip-flaps, heel shuffles as well as funky rhythms and half/full time tempo.

Yusha-Marie Sorzano "Radio" - Contemporary Online Dance Class/Choreography



This is a fluid gesture based phrase. The music is looped which gives the advanced student the opportunity to play with the timing.