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Joelle Martinec "Strong Feet and Ankles" - Strength & Conditioning Online Class

Strong Feet and Ankles

This exercise works on the foundation of our dancing, the feet. With the use of a tennis ball (or something similar), the inner muscles of the legs and feet get the focus of the work.

Joelle Martinec "Core Strength/Plank Variations" - Strength & Conditioning Online Class

Core Strength/Plank Variations

This exercise is a great one for core strength and coordination. The addition of the arabesques and twists make it great for the whole body.


Cardio GROOV3 Moves

If you have 10 minutes to spare in your day, throw on this easy to follow, high energy dance workout that will get your heart rate up, teach you some funky moves and put a smile on your face. Don't...