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Say You Love Me

This is an emotionally charged combo that is a LOT more challenging than it looks. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the movement in the beginning. This WILL challenge your musicality and your a...

Gina Starbuck "Fancy Feet" - Contemporary Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Fancy Feet

Lots of steps and direction changes in this exercise! This will help to prepare you for the advanced combination "Say You Love Me" while you fluidly tra...

Gina Starbuck "Dynamic Grooves 2" - Jazz-Funk Online Dance Class/Choreography

Dynamic Grooves 2

This exercise is fun, funky and dynamic. It is designed to help you connect with the kind of dynamic grooves that you will learn in the combination while encouraging articulation.



This is a fun, full out jazz funk piece. Your musicality and sense of dynamic will be challenged as you play with timing and details in this combo. You'll learn about speed and specificity, all the...


Warm Water

A very musicality driven, sensual combo with lots of fun and intricate details. There are also many opportunities to be long and expansive.

Gina Starbuck "Strength and Musicality" - Contemporary Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Strength and Musicality

This exercise will help you to work on your core and leg strength, while also building upon the musicality that is in the combo. You will explore going off of your center to bring it right back....

Gina Starbuck "Style & Musicality" - Jazz Funk Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Style & Musicality

This exercise will challenge your dynamics and musicality. It will help you find your style and groove.

Gina Starbuck "Contemporary Funk" - Contemporary Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Contemporary Funk

This exercise is all about putting swagger and strong accents in the middle of smooth, contemporary movements.


Blinking Pigs

A fun, urban, Fosse inspired jazz-funk combo, very detailed, dynamic and full of musicality to play with.

Gina Starbuck "Dynamic Groove" - Jazz Funk Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Dynamic Groove

This exercise works on dynamics, weight distribution and details.


Take Care

This is an emotionally invested, very detailed combination that will challenge your musicality.


Mr Rager

This combo is an exceptionally unique blend of contemporary and funk. It will challenge your control and center and most definitely get you moving in a challenging new way.