Learn to dance from our house dance tutorials, taught by the best dance teachers, including combinations, and exercises for any skill level.


Got 2 B U

Here is a routine that allows you to practice the basics. It has no heel toe or any crazy variations. It's just your basic pas de bourrée, loose leg, shuffle and allows you to get the hang of the s...

Ray Basa "Pas de Bourrée Heel Toe" - House Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Pas de Bourrée Heel Toe

It's not only a step for jazz dance but a step for house dance as well!! This combination is a sideways step in which one foot crosses behind or in front of the other. This step is used to travel o...


Get Jazzy

This combination is a good tempo for those just getting the hang of house dance. It combines the basics of the heel toe, shuffle and loose leg with the "jack" (groove) in different patterns as to n...

Jojo Diggs "Sidewalk" - House Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial


A 3 step foundation pattern designed to help you shift weight, change direction and manipulate timing.


House Combo #1

Using the Jack, Pas De Bouree, Sidewalk and the Heel Toe to form a combination.