Learn to dance from our house dance tutorials, taught by the best dance teachers, including combinations, and exercises for any skill level.


How Do I Let Go

This routine is a good balance between being able to dance and do house steps. It gives you moments to breathe but also incorporates harder house variations. 

Ray Basa " Pas de Bourrée Half Turn" - House Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Pas de Bourrée Half Turn

Now that you know the house dance pas de bourrée, here's a twist! This combination is a sideways step in which one foot crosses behind the other but with a half turn.


U Got Me Up

This combination works on footwork and groove creating big movements bringing the dance to life. The footwork is intricate with a tap and jazz feel sparking energy with each step.

Ray Basa "Loose Leg" - House Online Dance Class/Choreography

Loose Leg

The loose leg is a combination of steps that form a pattern to the rhythm of house music. Like all steps in House dance it can be done in multiple directions and can be used to travel.


House Combo #3

Using the idea of the Juggle to incorporate several variations into a new idea of movement, staying relaxed and focusing on different parts of the feet, starting to accent the high hat.

Jojo Diggs "Juggle" - House Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial


An idea created from several different concepts including soccer, "The Pony," and "The Shuffle Step." It allows the mover to practice keeping the thighs relaxed while bringing the stomach towards t...


House Combo #2

Combining techniques of toe pulls, swivels, pas de bouree, loose leg, sidewalk, crosswalk, and jazz box.

Jojo Diggs "Loose Leg Variation" - House Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Loose Leg Variation

A pattern combining several foundation movements including the "Loose Leg" to help you with weight changes, foot placement details, and hip motion.