Learn to dance from our intermediate dance tutorials, taught by the best dance teachers, across various styles, including combinations, exercises, and warm-ups.


Charge and Retreat

This exercise helps you with moving in different directions within the choreography, concentrating on both the foot patterns, and arm placement.



This is a technical contemporary combo with a lot of tempo changes and quick floor work. You will need to be engaged in your center as you will be challenged in balance, articulation, direction cha...


I Move On

This combination is a musical theatre combination that challenges you to concentrate on style, technique and story telling.


Warm-Up with Joelle

This intermediate jazz warm up starts with a modified Sun Salutation to get your blood flowing and continues with both strength and stretch exercises to get you ready for any jazz or contemporary c...


Balam Pichkari

Fast paced energetic combo that uses many levels and has a hip hop feel to it. Make sure to have a towel handy as this one will make you sweat.


Textured Footwork Groove

These 2 eight counts will help you groove with textures of quick and smooth. Prepare to get your groove on!


Wild Things

Smooth and fluid moments, with definite lines and endings to phrases. An exciting combo to a tribal beat. focus on lines while being fluid. Incorporating grooves while hitting sharp positions. A gr...


No More I Love You's

This beautiful and dynamic intermediate combination really moves, travels and allows you to explore lyrical in every way. It uses your full body and range of movement while working on moving in and...


Jumpin' Jumpin'

This combination is a high energy piece that will bring control and textured dynamics to your movement.


A Lullaby

Think of dancing on a breezy grey misty evening first off. Set a scene for your imagination to explore the combination in, always! This lullaby is very swirly so think about how your torso ondulate...


Get Your Groove On!

This exercise will help you to work on some of the awesome grooves you will find in the combo. It also will challenge your coordination.


Lean On

This combo has a lot room for your own style and feel. Explore the movement and watch the syncopation.