Learn to dance from our jazz funk dance tutorials, taught by the best dance teachers, including combinations, exercises, and warm-ups for any skill level.



This combination is a fun beginner jazz funk to get into grooves and performance! Make sure to keep grounded.


Real Life

This is a beginner jazz funk combination that will challenge your weight changes, and direction changes. It includes grooves and moments to display your personality while still showing off your tec...

Mariah Spears "Low Grooves & Step Slide" - Jazz Funk Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Low Grooves & Step Slide

This across the floor will aid in the dancer's groove and being able to feel the music and help with musicality.

Mariah Spears "Drag Step Pirouette & Leap" - Jazz Funk Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Drag Step Pirouette & Leap

This combination is a small dose of what happens in my combination "Real Life". It is set up to challenge your weight transfers and direction changes, so you can be quick on your feet, and make sur...

Nolan Padilla "Hits, Sticking & Popping" - Hip-Hop Online Dance Class/Choreography

Hits, Sticking & Popping

Understanding how to make your body stop sharply, and staccato.


Don't Walk Away

A nostalgic sassy jazz funk piece that encompasses technical elements and traveling, incorporating some fun 90's hip hop grooves.


What Have U Done 4 Me Lately

This piece pays tribute to the 80's dance music video era. It contains strong pictures, clean lines, and some technical elements. But overall its a sexy funky performance piece.

NiCo O'Connor "The Step and Pose" - Jazz Funk Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

The Step and Pose

This exercise helps you with transitioning from one move to the next while executing your pictures with precision, all while incorporating basic jazz funk elements behind your movement.

NiCo O'Connor "Jazz Funk Elements" - Jazz Funk Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Jazz Funk Elements

This exercise will help you practice basic jazz funk elements, helping you learn how to transition from one move to another and switching directions. It's a step out, passe, pivot turn, grapevine,...

Gina Starbuck "Sense of Groove" - Jazz Funk Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Sense of Groove

This exercise will build your dynamics in your movement quality & help establish a strong sense of groove. It will also help prepare you for the combination.


All Around The World

A fun, high energy jazz-funk combo that is musicality driven and stylized.