Learn to dance from our jazz funk dance tutorials, taught by the best dance teachers, including combinations, exercises, and warm-ups for any skill level.



This is a FUN, fast moving JAZZ-funk combo that will make you feel gooood! You might forget how challenging it is because you're just having such a good time.

Gina Starbuck "Grounded and Stylized" - Jazz Funk Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Grounded and Stylized

This exercise will really get your body moving! It'll challenge you to travel and stay grounded while being very clear on your details and timing.


Something New

A fun feel good piece with smooth moves and basic grooves.

NiCo O'Connor "Charge and Retreat" - Jazz-Funk Online Dance Class/Choreography

Charge and Retreat

This exercise helps you with moving in different directions within the choreography, concentrating on both the foot patterns, and arm placement.


Wild Things

Smooth and fluid moments, with definite lines and endings to phrases. An exciting combo to a tribal beat. focus on lines while being fluid. Incorporating grooves while hitting sharp positions. A gr...

Gina Starbuck "Get Your Groove On!" - Jazz Funk Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Get Your Groove On!

This exercise will help you to work on some of the awesome grooves you will find in the combo. It also will challenge your coordination.


Bind Me

Fun fun fun combo with lots of grooves, intricacies and challenging musicality.

NiCo O'Connor "Rolling Flowing Groove" - Jazz Funk Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Rolling Flowing Groove

This exercise will help you with isolating and rolling your hips, body rolls, and grooving through your upper body with a step pattern.


Elastic Heart

This combination like all of mine starts with the musicality. There are parts where you need to hit sharp and others when the movement needs to flow. It is meant to test your balance and technique....

Tovaris Wilson "Across the Floor Grooves" - Jazz Funk Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Across the Floor Grooves

This is an across the floor exercise to help with learning grooves. It starts with walking then goes in to a grooving feeling. It has a few change of directions and faces all sides of the room.



This combo combines explosive movements, fast footwork, and intricate musicality. You also can dig more emotionally with this piece, adding more intention through the steps.

NiCo O'Connor "Sexy Intention Connection" - Jazz Funk Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Sexy Intention Connection

This exercise helps you practice executing with style and confidence. The moves are hard hitting pictures with sexy intention.