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Joseph Corella "Core - Climbers, Forearm & Side Planks" - Fitness Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Core - Climbers, Forearm & Side Planks

Core strength is the foundation for a strong body! These 3 short core exercises are powerful and don't take an hour to do!


Ease on Down

Let's "Ease on Down" with this fun intermediate theatre dance combo from The Wiz! This is another fun combo where you might want to grab a friend and learn it together!

Joseph Corella "3 Minute Cardio Burst" - Strength, Conditioning & Fitness Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

3 Minute Cardio Burst

This "build up" cardio burst exercise will get your heart rate up and provide a full body workout. Make this apart of your daily routine!


Something Better Than This

This is a fun combination that will challenge you to think on your feet!


I Move On

This combination is a musical theatre combination that challenges you to concentrate on style, technique and story telling.