Learn to dance from our lyrical dance tutorials, taught by the best dance teachers, including combinations, exercises, and warm-ups for any skill level.


Mama This One's For You

This emotional lyrical routine uses your breath to create weight and flow to the movement. Think about someone you want to say thank you to and dance this for them.


Let It All Go

This is a beautiful lyrical combination that is both challengings technically and emotionally.  Enjoy its beautiful lines, flow and leg extensions. This is a feel-good combination!!!


Not About Angels

This lyrical combination has a quiet internal feeling. Be sure not to mistake this for relaxed or boring. The excitement comes from the pulling each line to it's longest length and off centered mov...


Smoke and Ashes

This sultry dance combines traveling steps, isolations, expressive gestures, inside and outside turns and more. It requires technique, passion, and musicality - the ability to both hit and melt - i...


Warm-Up with Joelle

This intermediate jazz warm up starts with a modified Sun Salutation to get your blood flowing and continues with both strength and stretch exercises to get you ready for any jazz or contemporary c...


No More I Love You's

This beautiful and dynamic intermediate combination really moves, travels and allows you to explore lyrical in every way. It uses your full body and range of movement while working on moving in and...


Chassé, Passé & Spot Change

This across the floor exercise focuses on changing texture and direction.


Warm Up Pliés

This is a plié exercise for warm up. It combines the pliés with side stretches. it is meant to warm up the back as well.


Moving Through Space

This is an improv exercise which focuses on attention of how movement moves from the body. We use the intention of a particular texture in which to move through, in this example we are using honey....


Small Jumps & Step Over Turns

This across the floor works on your feet, with some small jumps, and travels with piqué turns en-dehors (or step over turns).