In light of the recent pandemic crisis, DancePlug has found it more important than ever to extend a helping hand to the struggling dance community. Through a new project, DancePlug with Friends, our mission is to support both sides of the classroom, the instructors and the students. We are hoping to provide a place where the two can reconnect while practicing “social distancing”.

Nadia Kramer - Yoga

Janell Burgess - Baltes Jazz

Desiree Robbins - Warmup

Desiree Robbins - Plies

Michele Moreno - Ballet Barre 2

Michele Moreno - Ballet Barre 1

Sean Viator - September

Amanda Masongsong - Yoga Foundational Vinyasa Flow

Anh Dillon's self-barre - Mar 20

Rebecca Lemme - Ballet 1