Learn to dance from our tap dance tutorials, taught by the best dance teachers, including combinations, exercises and warm-ups for any skill level.


Shuffle Hop Flap Zig-Zagnew

This is an exercise to help you release your hips, knees, and ankles as you execute hop flaps. You will be zig-zagging as you travel forward forcing you to keep everything condensed.


Toe & Heel Drop Warmup

This warmup drill introduces 8-4-2-1 repetition and incorporates toe and heel drops, toe taps and zig-zag toe-heels combined. This is a warm you can do every day to help with clarity, speed and eve...


Toe-Heel Wiggle Extended

This exercise is all about good balance of beats both in timing and volume.


Lover Man

A nice smooth combo coming at you here, covering the basics such as shuffles, cramp rolls, pick toe heels, quick transfer of weight and some challenging timing. You cannot help but build an emotion...


Waltz Clog/Cramp Roll

This exercise utilizes elements within the combo "Worth It". It travels so make sure that your feet are underneath you so you can control the quality of your sounds....


Shuffle Heel Toe Drag

This exercise has you moving and turning while you execute shuffle heel toes, drag ball changes and toe heel swivels.


Worth It

This combo is fun and funky. It is very syncopated especially in the beginning. Feel free to have fun and live it up! Try the exercise "Waltz Clog/Cramp Roll" to pract...


Swing It/Keep It Even

This Dr. Henry LeTang inspired exercise is great for working out your arms, picking up and crossing your feet, and musicality.


A Blessing And A Curse

This combination includes plenty of syncopation, turns, flap ball-changes, pick toes and more. You will be practicing what I call "sustained resistance" throughout.



This is an exercise designed to work on the clarity & speed of your parradiddle. In addition, it will help you accent your syncopated work.


Let Me Love You - BPZ

This routine is an upbeat, beginner tap routine that consists of a series of steps including cramp rolls, front & back flaps and back essence. It gives the feel of a house style tap.


Forgotten Places

This is such a great beginner groove combination that packs a punch. You must allow the music to move you through the steps which include tap step heels, toe heel knocks, drags, slap backs, heel d...