Learn to dance from our tap dance tutorials, taught by the best dance teachers, including combinations, exercises and warm-ups for any skill level.

Glyn Gray "Dig Pick Heel In Sixes" - Tap Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Dig Pick Heel In Sixes

Dig pick heel flap in sixes over eights exercise. Great for practicing steps you are familiar with in different timeframes and rolling over the phrase.



This combo is fun and packed with punches! You will be executing shiggy bop, zigzag toe heels, trip-flaps, heel shuffles as well as funky rhythms and half/full time tempo.

Glyn Gray "Shuffle/Tripflap" - Tap Online Dance Class/Choreography


Keep yourself agile with this exercise as you move side to side executing travelling 3-beat flaps, shiggy bops and finish with what I like to call a tripflap.

Glyn Gray "Rhythm Layering 4" - Tap Online Dance Class/Choreography

Rhythm Layering 4

This exercise is all about breaking rhythms down and building them back up with a partner.

Brooke Paulsen-Zelus "Scuffle/Riffle/Triple shuffle" - Tap Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Scuffle/Riffle/Triple shuffle

This exercise requires a little brain power. It is designed to help work on speed and also articulation.


Can't Feel My Face

This combo is feel good. But don't let it fool you, it can be quick and syncopated.

Brooke Paulsen-Zelus "Irish Exercise" - Tap Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Irish Exercise

This is a exercise created to work on clarity and speed for your irishes.


The Influence

The feet are fast and furious in this funky routine! You will need a good ear to follow the changing rhythms and a lot of strength and presence in your dancing to get through this one.

Glyn Gray "Slip'n Slide Jumpovers" - Tap Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

Slip'n Slide Jumpovers

Have some fun with sliding jumpovers to develop strength and stamina while maintaining good control over your rhythm and accents.


Original Don

This routine is a combination of close to the floor work and tap tricks. It is a fun and upbeat piece. Fast tap work.

Brooke Paulsen-Zelus "6 Sound Cramp Roll" - Tap Online Dance Class/Choreography Tutorial

6 Sound Cramp Roll

This is a cramp roll exercise that will help you start to add more sounds into your cramp roll variations. It will help you to articulate and separate those sounds.


In Sevens

This combination is designed to expose you to the use of different meters. In addition, it is designed to allow you to combine your technique and rhythm. This music selected inspired me to create a...