Learn to dance from our tap dance tutorials, taught by the best dance teachers, including combinations, exercises and warm-ups for any skill level.


Toe Tap

A Toe Tap is all about the articulation of the ankle and allowing your foot to have flexibility and ease when striking the floor.



This combo is FAST, really get connected to the ground and use your plié. Have a good understanding of the rhythm. Timing is key!


Float On

This combo starts with jump jump out on the right. Know the difference between a jump and a hop, this will be helpful with this combination. Really articulate your feet.


Five Three

This is a speed exercise and all sounds should be separated and really articulated.


Shuffle Touch Toe Touch

This exercise is good for separating sounds, shuffles, and for adding things together. Adding a clap to the toes or touches is a good exercise for the brain.


Rhythm Layering 1

This exercise is all about exploring rhythms and how much you can benefit from working with a partner to exchange ideas and rapport.


You Can't Hold Me Down

This combination includes loads of body weight transitions. The most important ingredient here is never stop “grooving!” Let’s get down to it.