Two tickets to Batsheva Dance Company "Sadeh21" at The Royce Hall, CAP UCLA, Sat. November 1 or Sun. November 2.


Camryn Eakes and Olivia Orozko

Quiz #1: Who was Batsheva Dance Company's first artistic director?
Answer: Martha Graham

Batsheva Dance Company was founded in 1964 by the Baroness Batsheva De Rothschild, a student of Martha Graham. The Baroness asked her mentor to be the artistic director of her new company. 10 years later, Batsheva student Ohad Naharin was invited by Martha Graham to join her company in New York. He became the artistic director of Batsheva Dance Company in 1990.

Quiz #2: What is the movement vocabulary created by Ohad Naharin called?
Answer: Gaga

Gaga works on connecting conscious and unconscious movements and expanding instinct and awareness. Gaga is the primary method for Batsheva's dancers, but was also extended to the public under the umbrella "Gaga/people".

Famed Tel Aviv-based contemporary dance company Batsheva celebrates 50 years as they embark on a choreographic voyage of cinematic proportions from their illustrious choreographer and artistic director Ohad Naharin - one of the world’s most revered dancemakers. Sadeh21 is an explosive physical journey rich in sensations revealed through a succession of solos, duets and group ensembles that are in turn delicate, athletic, slow or twitchy, reflecting the many different ways to exist in the world.

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Event location: The Royce Hall, CAP UCLA, Los Angeles CA.
Tickets are valid for Saturday November 1 or Sunday November 2.

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