Two tickets to Louise Lecavalier Fou Glorieux "So Blue" at The Royce Hall, CAP UCLA, Friday, January 16, 2015


Kimberly Bridgewater, Luis Martinez, and Allison Truax

Quiz: Which Canadian dance company was Louise Lecavalier the muse of?
Answer: La La La Human Steps

Louise Lecavalier met Édouard Lock when they were both dancing with Le Groupe Nouvelle Aire. She later became the inspiration for his own company La La La Human Steps for 18 years.

In “So Blue,” Louise Lecavalier and partner Frédéric Tavernini risk all in the high-voltage atmosphere of this work for two dancers set to visceral music by Mercan Dede. The body becomes a “living art”, between sculpture, performance, and dance. Dance states succeed one another, producing waves that ripple through arms, legs, feet, neck, head, and face, occasionally in rhythmic, syncopated sections: vivid, obsessive sequences that also contrast with slower, more fluid ones, rigidly controlled to the point of abandonment. Almost all the movements are inspired by simple everyday gestures that become extreme when they are repetitive, decomposed, or cumulative. The stage design, minimal and sober, gives the dance both a more intimate and a more open framework by delineating the performance space with bands of light-colored dance floor set upon black.

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Event location: The Royce Hall, CAP UCLA, Los Angeles CA.
Tickets are valid for Friday, January 16, 2015 - 8:00 pm.

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