Balletto di Siena
Via dei Pispini 43
53100 Siena
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The Balletto di Siena dance company is an ambitious project founded with the goal of providing access to the world of work for young dancers between the ages of 18 and 25. These young people will work directly with professionals who are already established in the dance world. The ultimate goal is to give new talent, by means of temporary contracts, a chance to begin working in a nationally recognized company that is active throughout Europe. This project was created based on the professional experience that Marco Batti has accumulated since 2006 in the preparation and professional training of young dancers. This experience made him aware of the gap that can exist between training and work placement.This gap can become unbridgeable for two reasons: • Dance schools that term themselves ‘professional’ generally do little to ensure that their dancers enter the real world of work, but rather tend to hold on to their most deserving students in addition to limiting their artistic goals to the ‘end of the year’ show. • Established companies need to find competent and experienced dancers. Unfortunately this means that many young dancers often find themselves having to work without pay in companies that do not guarantee a future or artistic growth. The Balletto di Siena is an important new addition to the Italian national scene since it offers young dancers the opportunity to begin to work with regular contracts, and at the same time, thanks to their everyday work with professionals, to continue to develop their skills. Balletto di Siena offering young dancers the opportunity to really begin to work with regular contracts and at the same time, thanks to the continuous work with professionals, enhance the quality of their training. The quality of work and ongoing training are guaranteed by the expertise of the Artistic Direction of Marco Batti, the artistic consultant Maestro Giuseppe Carbone, and the experience of other artists and institutions that will be collaborating on the project. This includes Ateneo della Danza, the official school of Balletto di Siena, where the company is resident. With these assumptions, the “Balletto di Siena” has the scope to provide its artists with the opportunity to improve their learning and physical maintenance on a daily basis, as well as with the “Ateneo della Danza”, and internationally renowned maestros who will alternate during the year. They will also work closely with international guest choreographers. In this way young dancers will be able to work simultaneously with a range of professionals. Furthermore, young student dancers will have the opportunity to work side by side with professional dancers. Artistically, “Balletto di Siena” will span the range from classical to contemporary repertoire, based on the choices of artistic directors and guest choreographers. In the classical section the choices will range throughout the classical and neoclassical ballet repertoire, while the contemporary section “Balletto di Siena” will present new choreographic productions, created and directed by choreographers who will work with the company.