Professional Companies

Baltic Dance Theatre was founded on March 1, 2010. Two years earlier young, talented dancers had started flocking to Gdańsk, strengthening the rapidly growing team of the Baltic Opera ballet company. Among them were graduates of Polish ballet schools, as well as people from outside that circle, but with talent and experience. Despite the different paths they took to reach their desired destination, today they perform on one stage. They were joined by their quest for perfection and love of dance. Together they form the company that won the hearts of the young audiences of Tri-City.

Izadora Weiss is both the founder and Artistic Director of BDT. In her work she adheres to the belief that body movement must be grounded in the spirit of music and it only makes sense if together with the music it forms an inseparable entirety. In the stories that her shows tell, she tries to convey positive emotions and protect the value system, in which love, human dignity, truthfulness to one’s ideal and people once has chosen, as well as the love for truth and justice - are continuously present, despite the destructive fashion and trends promoted in contemporary culture, or rather subculture, as she defines it.

The long-time director of the National Ballet, Emil Wesołowski, has rated highly the skills and theatrical passion of the new company, with which he produced his outstanding spectacle Chopinart. Jacek Przybyłowicz, the choreographer who had worked with the company in preparation of the premiere Men’s Dance, in one of TV interviews prophesized it a great career. Wojciech Misiuro, the legendary creator of the Theatre of Expression, who realized here two of his most recent spectacles, Tamashi and Sen (A Dream), was greatly impressed by the company’s skills.

The artistic ideal and model pursued by BDT is the Nederlands Dans Theater, shaped by the choreographies of Jiří Kylián, who is the master and teacher of Izadora Weiss. For a good start of her independent artistic path, he decided to send to Gdańsk, to the Baltic Dance Theatre Festival, his latest specatcle, Last Touch First. Having seen Izadora’s spectacles Waiting for… and The Rite of Spring set to Stravinsky’s music, Jiří Kylián decided to transfer two of his outstanding choreographies to BDT: No More Play and Six Dances. His presence at rehearsals and the premiere made a great impression on the dancers and served as invaluable learning experience. Thus the BDT joined the small group of dance theatres worldwide performing Kylián’s choreography, and Izadora Weiss, along with her spectacle Windows, set to the music written especially for her by Leszek Możdżer, joined the group of choreographers who have the honour of presenting their work alongside the master in the one evening course. This greatest world’s living choreographer, in recognition of the artistic quality of our team, expressed the desire to continue working with BDT. In 2014 yet another premiere of his spectacle will take place, Falling Angels and Sarabande.

BDT is invited more and more frequently to show their productions outside of Gdańsk. Performances in Poznań and Kraków were enthusiastically received by the audience. The two-time performance at the National Theatre in Warsaw ended in standing ovation, both after Izadora Weiss’ Romeo and Juliet, as well as after her The Rite of Spring. That remarkable performance created a sensation at festivals in Bielefeld and Bangkok. Due to its modest financial means, BDT cannot accept all the invitations for this production, as it is quite complex technically. However, in November 2013 it was shown in Warsaw once again, this time on the stage of Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera, where Izadora Weiss had debuted as a dancer. In the course of the same evening the audience saw her latest work – Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, set to the music selected by her from compositions of Goran Bregović. The production was received with a standing ovation and invitations to festivals abroad, and enthusiastic reviews also appeared in the British media.