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Budapest Dance Theatre is one of the biggest and most influential contemporary dance companies in Hungary. It was founded in 1991 and since then it is one of the leading companies in the country.
The dance style of the group is European Modern Dance which contains high knowledge of classical ballet, contemporary artistic skills and different varieties of modern dance, such as: Limon, Cunningham and Graham techniques. Budapest Dance Theatre brings them in harmony and performs them on stage successfully.

Budapest Dance Theatre celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2011. In 1999 the company received one of the most prestigious awards, the EuroPAS prize, and in 2004 at the festival of the National Dance Theatre they won the viewers’ choice.

We are actively participating in festivals in Hungary and internationally as well. The past few years the company participated for example at the MittelFest in Italy, in Germany at the Tanzfestival Bielfeld in 2010, in Montreaux-Switzerland and also had the great opportunity to perform at the Opera Vichy for thousands of people whose expectations were really high. Fortunately we have requests from all parts of Europe and from overseas as well.

Just a few details, places where we were invited to: 1991, 1994, 1998, 1999 Austria Summer Festival in Klagenfurt, 1995 Budapest Hungarian National Opera, 1995 Israel tour, 1997 Canada Arts Centrum in Montreal, 1998 Switzerland DanceFestival in Montreux, 1999 France Summer Festival in Limoges, 2000 Germany - Goggingen, 2000 France- Paris, 2001 Croatia tour, 2003 France Lyon, 2004 Netherlands Amsterdam, 2005 France - Limoges Paris, 2008 Russia Festival in Moscow, 2009 Italy Arts Festival in Cividale, 2010 France Vichy, Russia Moscow, 2010 France Limoges, 2010 Germany Opening Festival Program in Bielefeld, 2011 Germany Residency Program in Munich.

In Hungary we have approximately 50 performances a year. In Budapest we perform at the National Dance Theatre and at the Palace of Arts, but we also have performances all over the country. Budapest Dance Theatre gives experience for all ages because we have performances both for children and for adults too. We care about the fact that we would like to spread the culture among the younger generation. We feel that by these performances their visual sensitivity can improve, so we have pieces dedicated just for them, what we call „initiating the youth into dance theatre”.