jorsTAP chicago
6217 W Grace
Chicago, IL 60634
United States
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jorsTAP chicago aims to challenge audiences to engage in a gamut of emotions by exploring new ways of moving, creating, and innovating through the accessible art form of American tap dance.

Company Overview
jorsTAP Chicago is the newest concert tap dance company in Chicago with a mission focused on disrupting the preconceived notions of tap dance. Under the direction of critically acclaimed dancer and choreographer, Kendra Jorstad, jorsTAP Chicago deviates from the expected delivery of tap dance.

“I brought a friend who recently moved here from Germany and she had not even heard of tap dance- had no idea what it was (imagine?) She has said it best: ‘I was amazed about the world of tap dance and the wonderful passion that all dancers showed. My favorite dancing piece was the girls in the purple dresses. That was very touching.’” – Nancy Deidel, July 2012

This is why I create. To evoke an emotion audiences haven’t experienced before and to exhibit that tap dancing can be so much more than footwork.