228 E 26th St #2C
New York, NY 10010
United States
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Founded in 2007 by Melissa Gendreau, the main goal of Perceptions Dance is to create fresh, exciting contemporary dance of the highest quality that is accesssible and exciting to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Perceptions absorbs audiences in compelling stories – aiming to challenge existing perceptions of life through athletic and theatrical movement. The Company aspires to create unique works that clearly and vibrantly speak to the human soul using iconoclastic ideas and strong story lines, while focusing on engaging audiences in tales that inspire through choreography that demonstrates a physical language for human emotion and thought.

Perception’s unique and creative works scale a broad range of styles, from challenging social issues in classical dance techniques, to creating imaginative plots with theatrical dance, and provoking inquisitive minds through abstract work. In addition to classic concert dance Perception’s versatile styles also include work in music videos, off-Broadway musicals, and live performances with pop music groups like hip hop orchestra Lifted. Perceptions uses the term “contemporary” to create a boundless container of endless possibilities.

Perceptions Dance has expanded from the Northeast to a cross-country exploration. In 2009 Perceptions Dance migrated to New York City from the Boston, MA area, while continuing to set work at colleges and universities. In 2011, Assistant Director Molly Fletcher Lynch branched out to San Francisco, where she is currently the West Coast Director, building new repertoire works specifically for the western area, including works designed for the Wineries of Northern California. Perceptions Dance explores their national presence through social media, tools like Skype, and other media methods. The choreographers of Perceptions Dance work closely to create stories built on the Perceptions Dance mission of creating accessibility in dance.

Perceptions Dance is also committed to creating art that contributes to the community in meaningful way through service and performance. The company has a strong focus on outreach, using performance, education and more to assist charities and non-profit organizations. Perceptions has teamed up with organizations like FrockOn.com, HauteNYC, Lisa Gabrielle and Bridgewater State College in addition to running solo events to help raise funds for charities like Park Slope Safe Homes Project, Medical Angels, Massachusetts Eating Disorder Association, Community Systems Inc., The Julia Foundation, Curry Without Worry and more.