r.a.c.e. Dance Company
Oklahoma City, OK
United States
Second Companies

The main goals of RACE Dance Co. are to keep our dancers in Oklahomaand help promote Jazz Dance in the State of Oklahoma. We produce some of the best dancers, Nationally and Internationally who have little to no outlet for dance after College. Producing a professional jazz dance company would help dance programs in public schools, privately owned dance studios and performance oriented programs thrive and give those students a solid, reachable goal without having to move to L.A. or New York. Our hope is to begin a new dance industry here and plant the seed for growth for all the arts in Oklahoma.

We are a young company looking for venues to perform, to share our passion, expression and love.

We are open to different choreographers and want to constantly expand our minds, to open up the possiblities.

We are a group of great people who dance, rather than great dancers who don’t know how to be.

We wish to teach and influence the next generation of dancers so they have a positive, encouraging and thriving legacy.