Are You Brave Enough to Watch This?

Scientists at the University of Tokyo have created a projector that functions at incredibly high speeds - 1,000 frames per second, to be exact (which they claim is the fastest in the world!)

The projector is used in conjunction with a 3-D mapping system and sensor tracking, which gives the scientists the opportunity to change the look and aesthetics of people - or, in this case, performers - in real time.

This really cool video is called "INORI (prayer)". Over the minute-long work, the two dancers move through simple but effective choreography and are transformed into creepy skulls, clowns, and dolls. If you're feeling brave - check out the finished product below!

About the author

Anne Luben has performed works by notable choreographers such as Donald McKayle, Bill T. Jones, Jiri Kylian, Idan Cohen, Alex Ketley, and Summer Lee Rhatigan, among others.