Photo credit: Joseph Guay

Last month brought on some big changes for the Atlanta Ballet. Nearly half of the company either decided to leave or they were let go. Several of these company members were long time stars and very well known in the community. Five of these stars have chosen to start their own company.

John Welker, Tara Lee, Christian Clark, Rachel Van Buskirk, and Heath Gill are the creators of Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre. This new company is already generating a lot of buzz, and has already received a generous donation to get up and running.

The company has a schedule for the next couple years and will make their debut this coming October. Their fame in the Atlanta community should land them an audience no problem. Meanwhile, the Atlanta Ballet is hiring a second company that will consist of a younger generation. Battle of the ages anyone?

main photo credit: Joseph Guay

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Keira Whitaker is a dedicated teacher, performer, and choreographer, who has been dancing for the past 21 years. She recently graduated from the University of California Irvine with a BFA in Dance performance and a minor in English.