Shaping Sound's Secret Show

You may or may not have heard of Shaping Sound, but chances are good that you've heard of its founders. Contemporary giants Travis Wall, Nick Lazzarini, Teddy Forance, and Kyle Robinson have teamed up again to create a new show called "After the Curtain."

Despite a popular sneak peek the company performed on the Ellen show in January, it's a show that's shrouded in mystery. They haven't released too many details yet, but from this little clip, but it's for sure giving us some super sexy, 1920's style flapper vibes. swoon

The tour begins on March 1 - we can't wait to see what they've come up with.

100 Years of Tap in Under 5 Minutes

YouTube sensation Postmodern Jukebox is at it again! In their latest collaboration, tap sensation Sarah Reich pairs up with PMJ to create an infectiously fun new video, taking us through the history and evolution of tap dance from 1899 to present day.

The video begins with Scott Joplin's famous ragtime "Maple Leaf Rag," touches on other classics like "In the Mood" and "Superstition." Finally we end with the recognizable electronic beat of "Sandstorm." Reich's energetic and musical choreography shows off her versatility and fast-moving feet. And that outfit? Gold tap shoes ftw.

You can catch Postmodern Jukebox, along with Reich and fellow tapper Anissa Lee, on PMJ's currently running world tour.

Photos of African-American Dancers Reimagined

Concept by Jill and Joy-Marie Thompson ​/ Photography by Rachel Neville

Fact: Joy-Marie Thompson is a student at SUNY Purchase in New York. Other fact: she is awesome. Here's why.

Joy-Marie has created a series of truly incredible photos where she recreates well known photos of African American dancers and choreographers. The photos feature performers from throughout the twentieth century to today. Joy-Marie recreates each image, putting her own personal spin on them.

Some of our favorites include her re-imagining of Desmond Richardson, Carmen DeLavallade, and Arthur Mitchell.

Photo: Concept by Jill and Joy-Marie Thompson ​/ Photography by Rachel Neville

Valentine's Day is For (Dance) Lovers!

Alessandra Ferri and Marcelo Gomes, American Ballet Theatre "Romeo and Juliet"

Happy Valentine's Day, pluggers! My guess is this is either one of your favorite days of the year, or you absolutely hate it because you think it's a sneaky ploy by the greeting card companies (both feelings are completely acceptable). Either way, it's a reason to celebrate, my friends, because it's a day where you can literally each as much chocolate as possible and no one can say anything about that. And who can hate a day like that, amiright?

To help you celebrate (cough cough survive) this day, we're bringing you some video inspiration - three of our favorite romantic pas de deux's. Now, we know you may not be in the mood for some lovey-dovey dancing, but trust us - these gorgeous works will surely put a little spring in your step.

1. Romeo and Juliet

Of course this is number one - the music... the set... those lifts... Alessandra Ferri as a teenager! wipes away tear

2. Swan Lake

You may ask - why did we choose Act III instead of their romantic duet earlier in the ballet? Well, we thought a few of you might appreciate a little cynicism today - true love doesn't always have a happy ending, especially in ballet!

3. Giselle

We love this one because it's both a romance and a tragedy. I mean sure, Giselle, you know, dies in the first act because her true love turned out toe a prince who was engaged to someone else. But her love saves him in the end, so that's sort of happy...right?

Tell us your favorite dance love stories in the comments below!

photo: Alessandra Ferri and Marcelo Gomes, American Ballet Theatre "Romeo and Juliet"