Dancers Turn Trump Quotes into Something Beautiful

Dancers Turn Trump Quotes into Something Beautiful

Let's be honest - we are living is a very tumultuous political climate nowadays. And though it may feel like there's no way to express your feelings and thoughts, there is good news...we can always dance.

Which is precisely what choreographer Redha Medjellekh thought. He and his agency, Red is Dancing, partnered with San Francisco based project 836M to create an awesome video where dancers take quotes directly from our Commander in Chief and interpret them through movement. Quotes such as...

"Laziness is a trait in blacks."
"Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything."
"When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending the best...they're rapists."

The result is an incredibly powerful example of how dance can be used to make a statement and speak your mind without using a single word.

About the creators: Red is Dancing makes viral videos, ad campaigns, and short films that all feature dance that seeks to break down barriers and mesh cultures from around the world. 836M is a project that commissions artists to create work inspired by relevant social and cultural events.

Diana Vishneva Bids Farewell to ABT

Diana Vishneva Bids Farewell to ABT

Diana Vishneva is one of the most recognizable names in ballet today. Born in St. Petersburg, she trained at the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet, where she scored some of the highest scores in the school's history. She also trained at the Mariinsky Theatre, later joining the company, eventually rising to the role of principal dancer.

Vishneva first danced with ABT back in 2003, eventually joining the company as a principal in 2005. And last Friday, June 23rd, she took her final bow, alongside her longtime dance partner Marcelo Gomes, at New York's Metropolitan Opera House.

Don't worry - she's not completely retiring - her schedule is simply too full! She will still be dancing with the Mariinsky in St. Petersburg.

Diana Vishneva Bids Farewell to ABT
Diana Vishneva’s final performance with Ballet Theater on Friday

Friday's performance was John Cranko's "Onegin," which was followed by a 15-minute curtain call, where Vishneva was presented with bouquets upon bouquets of flowers by fellow ABT dancers, and showered with flower petals.

She will certainly be missed, but we're excited to see who will rise up and fill her (pointe) shoes!

Dance Magazine Names Most Influential People

Dance Magazine Names Most Influential People

Dance Magazine is celebrating their 90th anniversary issue this month. To commemorate the occasion, they put together a list of who they feel are some of the most relevant and important people in the dance world at this current moment.

The list of 34 people includes some very familiar names: Justin Beck, Benjamin Millepied, Ohad Naharin, Lil' Buck, Robert Battle, Michelle Dorrance, and Andy Blankenbuehler. But there were a few names on there that aren't as well known - here are some of our favorites.

Katherine E. Brown is the first executive director of New York City Ballet, and therefore is also the executive director of its home theater, the David H. Koch Theater. This awesome lady is in charge of a 141-person staff, and manages NYCB's $90 million budget.

Sydney Skybetter has carved out a career merging dance and technology. He is currently a lecturer and public humanities fellow at Brown University, and has created the Conference for Research on Choreographic Interfaces, bringing together dancers, musicians, and scholars to examine the future of movement.

Christy Bolingbroke is the founding executive/artistic director for the National Center for Choreography at the University of Akron in Ohio. She has created a dedicated laboratory space for choreographers like John Jasperse, Tere O'Connor, and Dianne McIntyre to come and create work.

Joe Lanteri is the director of the New York City Dance Alliance conventions, which helps mentor young artists and help them establish their careers. His charitable NYCDA Foundation has also given over $22 million in scholarships to over 400 students in the last seven years.

The other part of the story, however, is who the dance community feels was unfairly left off the list. And when Dance Magazine asked for readers to send them some names that were omitted, there were tons of suggestions! Some of the most popular were: Camille A. Brown, Kyle Abraham, Mavis Staines, and Anthony Morigerato.

PNB Heads into Virtual Reality

Dance is an art form that seeks to push boundaries. Recently, Pacific Northwest Ballet partnered with Pixvana to explore Virtual Reality and see how it can be combined with dance.

In a short film titled "Silent Resonance," PNB worked with choreographer Price Suddarth and dancers Emma Love Suddarth and Miles Pertl, to create a virtual reality pas de duex that the audience can view from 360 degrees. It's truly an experience like none other.

The goal of virtual reality is to bring the viewer to a different world, somewhere they would not normally go. In this case, for choreographer Suddarth, that place is the mind of a dancer. "In the piece", he told Dance Informa, "you see the struggle, the conflict, the joy, and the complex beauty that is the heart and soul of a dancer."

"Silent Resonance" premiered back in March at a PNB fundraising event. Now, you can watch it on YouTube 360 and Facebook 360. Where will technology take us next?