Under Armour - Misty Copeland Collection

Misty Copeland keeps quite a busy schedule these days. As if being a principal at American Ballet Theater wasn't enough, she also models, is a public speaker and even recently wrote a book. Well, the queen of social justice and ballet magic has given us another reason to love her. She has just launched a new clothing line with Under Armour that is to die for! She's been modeling with them for several years, this is her first design collaboration with the company. The new activewear is fresh, functional, and chic as all get out. 

Misty has definitely made a name for herself over the years. Whether she’s dancing as the Fire Bird or gracing the general public with another book signing, the prima ballerina is making waves. She's viewed as a role model, particularly for young African American dancers, and she's beloved by many. And we're guessing that her new workout wear will be just as adored as she is. 

Misty Copeland's active wear line with Under Armour
Under Armour - Misty Copeland Collection

The line is meant to go from rehearsal to afternoon brunch with ease - throw on one of her athletic dresses for a day of activity and design. Or, put on a pair of the perforated lace leggings for a dance class followed by evening drinks with the pals. The line is versatile, feminine, and edgy, just like Misty. She understands that dancers live busy lives, and we need clothes that can keep up with our schedules. On the Under Armour website, Misty says: "If I could sum this collection up in three words, it would be fun, flirty, and fierce." 

So what’s next? Misty’s home decor… Misty’s very own pointe shoe brand… or maybe Misty’s own sandwich shop? Honestly, I bet they would sell like a Discount Dance sale right before summer intensive season. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, happy shopping!

About the author

Keira Whitaker is a dedicated teacher, performer, and choreographer, who has been dancing for the past 21 years. She recently graduated from the University of California Irvine with a BFA in Dance performance and a minor in English.