Meeke Mutter

It’s no secret that ballet is a traditional form of dance. Not much changes, and those who try to innovate either sink or they swim. But in a world full of black leotards and muted pink tights, there is an artist in New York that is trying to introduce a bold new look.

Meeke Mutter, a visual artist and dancer from the Netherlands, has come up with a new design for pointe shoes called “Dance Calligraphy.” Her artwork depicts varying shapes of dancers on a brightly painted surface of a pointe shoe. And by bright, we mean BRIGHT. Hot pink, orange, blue, and red paint glimmer and gleam, as they contrast against the traditional pink satin. Each color and design is given a different name, such as elegance, blossom, and classy. Could you imagine walking into your local dance store and asking for the “blossom” in a 4X? However, as sweet as they sound, one can’t help but wonder about their practicality.

While the shoes may put a smile on your face, how does the paint hold up in class? Also, owning a piece of wearable art is wonderful, but you wouldn’t be able to wear these shoes for performances, so would it be worth it financially? Lastly, the design is unique, but not exactly subtle. But hey, you would definitely stand out in class! Whether that would be in a good way or a bad way is yet to be discovered...

About the author

Keira Whitaker is a dedicated teacher, performer, and choreographer, who has been dancing for the past 21 years. She recently graduated from the University of California Irvine with a BFA in Dance performance and a minor in English.