Fri, Nov 15, 2019 - 12:00pm
182 4th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217
United States



Dancewave brings talented artists with distinct voices to lead Master Classes in a wide range of techniques and styles. An opportunity to experience current directions in contemporary dance and broaden your skillset! Join Nik Owens in investigating released weight, suspension, rebound, and curiosity through generating warmth, improvisational games, and culminating phrase material.

Nik Owens began his movement experience as a competitive gymnast for 17 years and started his dance training in his senior year of high school and continued at Wesleyan University, where he received a BA in Dance and a certificate in Environmental Studies. He has worked with Nicholas Leichter, Tania Isaac, and Kyle Abraham/Abraham.In.Motion and has performed works by Vanessa Tamburi, The Dance Exchange, Mersiha Mesihovic’s CircuitDebris, Gierre Godley’s Project 44 Dance, Aaron McGloin Dance, Raja Kelly/The Feath3r Theory, Bryn Cohn and Artists, and Helen Simoneau Danse. He currently dances for Abdul Latif D2D/T, Tiffany Mills Company, David Dorfman Dance, and 10 Hairy Legs.