Intro to Inversions with David Dorfman & Lisa Race
Fri, Dec 13, 2019 - 12:00pm
182 4th Ave
182 4th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217
United States

Tickets begin at $50


Intro to Inversions with David Dorfman & Lisa Race

Going upside down doesn't have to be scary, David Dorfman and Lisa Race are here to help! Join David Dorfman & Lisa Race for special back-to-back Technique and Inversion skills Master Workshops at Dancewave, a unique opportunity to study with these master artists.

-- No prior experience with inversions is required --

This eclectic modern class will explore a range of styles from weighted and grounded floor work, to upending the body through space. Participants will incorporate these explorations into short movement phrases, challenging us to defy preconceived notions of what a body can achieve in motion. Check out this video from Aroundtown for a sample of the action!